Are there any additional fees?

Generally, you'll only pay our management fees. But in certain circumstances, Altruist has standard fees for certain actions like outgoing transfers and retirement account closures.

(Here's our management fees:

Altruist charges some additional fees for particular services. You can find the full schedule here or by checking their legal page. Here are a few highlights.

If you’re transferring money, you may be charged depending on the type of transfer:

  • ACH (the most common): $0
  • Returned ACH (per return): $30
  • Paper/e-check: $5
  • Outgoing wire (US): $25
  • Outgoing wire (Intl): $45
  • Returned checks/Wires and recalls: $30

If you are transferring an existing account into Carbon Collective with an automated transfer (called an ACAT), the company that currently holds your account may charge you a transfer fee (generally ~$75).