Are there any additional fees?

Other than our management fees, the funds built into our portfolios have fees averaging from 15 - 30 basis points. Altruist has some fees for outgoing transfers and retirement account closures.

Our base fees range from 0.05% - 0.20% of your assets under management per year, plus our flat fee of $1/month. Our fund fees average 0.15% - 0.30% per year. In total, we build our portfolios and fee structure so that you can expect to pay around 0.35% per year in total fees. This is comparable to a generic robo-advisor portfolio. 

Altruist charges some additional fees for particular services. You can find the full schedule here or by checking their legal page. Here are a few highlights.


If you’re transferring money, you may be charged depending on the type of transfer:

  • ACH (the most common): $0
  • Returned ACH (per return): $30
  • Paper/e-check: $5
  • Outgoing wire (US): $25
  • Outgoing wire (Intl): $45
  • Returned checks/Wires and recalls: $30

If you are transferring an existing account into Carbon Collective with an automated transfer (called an ACAT), the company that currently holds your account may charge you a transfer fee (generally ~$75).