How do I take out my required minimum distribution from Carbon Collective?

Carbon Collective will calculate you RMDs and ask if you'd like us to liquidate those funds to remove from your account.

To take out your required minimum distribution (RMD) for the year, the money must be liquidated and then withdrawn from your account. We can distribute or send you the funds via check or back to your bank account on file via ACH.

Each year, Carbon Collective will calculate your RMD for you based on the IRS's value table. We then will email you the amount that has been calculated and ask if you'd like these funds to be liquidated. 

Don't know what an RMD is? Check out our page here.


The funds must be removed by the end of the calendar year which they are for. Because the RMD amount is calculated also based off of your ending balance the previous year, you can know your RMD as early as January of that year.


Terrance is 75 years old and the ending balance for this Traditional IRA in 2023 was $65,398. In 2024, according to our calculations, he is required to take out $4,789.32. He must take out this amount by December of 2024 to avoid any tax penalties.


If you have multiple retirement accounts where an RMD must be taken, you can choose to take out the totality out from a single account. 


Willa is 73 years old and it is 2023. She has one Traditional IRA at Schwab and another Traditional IRA at Fidelity. The end balance in 2022 of her Schwab IRA was $32,548 and for the Fidelity IRA was $14,924. 

The RMD calculated for the Schwab IRA is $2,209.

The RMD calculated for the Fidelity IRA is $1,098.

Willa can take out this amount from each account or she can take out the total amount $3,307 from either the Schwab or Fidelity IRA. 

Calculations in all examples are strictly for example purposes and are not factually determined via the IRS's values. 


If you hold an IRA elsewhere and choose to take out the total amount from a single account, please message us at to let us know that's what you'd like to do. Additionally, if you have not received your calculated amount or have any questions about your RMDs, please reach out to our team.