Your company is mission-driven.
Shouldn't your 401(k) be too?

~20% of the US stock market is fueling climate change

From coal, to fracking, to petrochemicals, your ownership of these companies helps keep these dirty industries running.

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100’s of companies are building climate solutions

We replace the companies making climate change worse with the companies building climate solutions.

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~80% of the US stock market could decarbonize

Without changing their core businesses. We pressure these companies to switch to 100% clean energy, electric vehicles, and more.

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green 401ks plans

Green 401(k) portfolios: Built for retirement.

Our climate-focused 401(k) portfolios are built to go head-to-head with standard retirement portfolios: 



Carbon Collective's 401(k) portfolios cover over 80% of the US stocks by market cap.



Even though we're green, our management fee is the same as generic online investment advisors. 


Competitive Performing

Our climate-focused strategy is built to replace traditional index-based portfolios.

Offer a range of portfolios to your team:

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Why do we include generic portfolios?

Average Fund Fees: Carbon Collective's fund fees range from 0.17% - 0.23%. Vanguard's ESG from 0.11% - 0.13%. Vanguard Target Retirement Date Mutual Funds are all 0.15%. 

Climate Solutions: The % of the portfolio is made of companies Carbon Collective has identified as climate solutions companies in the Climate Index. 

Fossil Fuels: The % of assets flagged as fossil fuel stocks by Vanguard ESG is 1.09% fossil fuel companies. 


All made easy with:
Simple pricing & automated contributions

-->We work with some of the top 401(k) providers: Vanguard, ADP, Vestwell & Ubiquity

  • They work with over 25,000 businesses like yours.
  • They integrate with your payroll + provide a software portal for you and your employees.
  • It's your choice whether to set up employer contributions


What clients are saying about Carbon Collective

sustainable 401k

The Carbon Collective team was highly professional and knowledgeable. They helped us to launch DroneSeed’s first-ever retirement savings plan. Carbon Collective worked with all the proper parties involved with setting up a 401(k) plan to deliver exactly what we needed. We're excited to go into the second year of working with Carbon Collective, and to continue to achieve the mission together of mitigating the worst effects of climate change through investing!

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The team at Climate People works tirelessly to reverse the harms of climate change through our every-day work. We are thrilled to partner with Carbon Collective because they give us the opportunity to ‘put our money where our mouth is’ and invest in a future that directly aligns with our sustainability initiatives.

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When implementing my company's new 401(k) plan, I expected to feel overwhelmed and confused. Instead, the team at Carbon Collective helped me to feel informed and organized throughout the process. They are personable and responsive and passionate about the importance of using our collective dollars to positively affect change for our world. I see them as leaders in the industry and I'm thankful for their partnership in this endeavor.

Sustainable 401ks w/ Carbon Collective:
Common Questions

What are the sustainable 401(k) fees?

Platform Fee: Vestwell and Ubiquity both charge a flat platform fee plus a fee per employee per month. The exact amount depends on the size of your company and complexity of your plan.  

Management Fee: Carbon Collective charges our standard management fee of 0.25% of all assets under management per year.

Learn how much a green 401(k) plan will cost your company.

How do the sustainable 401(k) plan fees compare?

If you shop around, you'll find that most of the 401(k) platforms for SMBs charge a similar amount. The range between them isn't that big. Even with Carbon Collective's management fee, we've found the total you'll pay in working with us is somewhere in the middle of the range: higher than some and lower than others, but pretty close to everyone.  

Any green 401(k) tax credits?

Yes! Assuming you're starting a new 401(k) plan. The federal government in 2019 added new incentives (you can read about them here). 

The tax credit you'll receive depends on the specific nature of your company. If you have questions on this front, we suggest you contact a tax professional 

Are there ONLY green 401(k) portfolio options?

Nope! We include a range of portfolio options from standard index-tracking to ESG to climate-impact.

We don't want to tell you or your team how to invest, but we do want to give them options. 

I have an existing plan. Can I just add Carbon Collective?

Not yet. For now, the only way for us to offer our green 401(k) portfolio lineup is to have your plan hosted by one of our partner 401(k) platforms. 



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