When you join a new investment advisor, the final step of becoming a client is signing the customer agreement. In the agreement, you agree to have your money managed by the investment advisor. You acknowledge that you understand investments can gain or lose value and that there is no guarantee of return. 

Customer Agreements

Here’s the customer agreement you’ll sign should you join Carbon Collective. 

Website/App Terms & Conditions

Here are the terms and conditions you must agree to, to use our web application and site.


The SEC and state investment administrators passed a series of laws to make sure you have all of the necessary information to make a decision on choosing an investment advisor (like Carbon Collective Investing) upfront. 

Privacy Notice
This is a summary of our privacy policy and how we share your information. 
Privacy Policy 

This is Carbon Collective’s policy for collecting and using personal information.

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Fees and pricing

Check out a full breakdown of the fees you would pay for investing through Carbon Collective and how it compares to some other options you might consider. 

Business Continuity Plan

You have 24/7 access to your account through our 3rd party brokerage software, Altruist. You can add or withdraw to them at any time. You can also cancel your agreement with Carbon Collective at any time. So in the short term, it is highly unlikely a disaster striking the individual registered investment advisors at Carbon Collective could impact your investment. This document is our plan for the long term, of what will happen if we need to suddenly find a new investment manager(s) to handle the long term management of your account after an emergency. 

Form ADV

Investment advisors need to register either with the SEC or individual states (we’re registered with the SEC). The form they use to register is called an ADV. It’s a standardized way for the SEC/states to make sure investment advisors are disclosing the correct information in a standardized way. It includes information both on the investment advisory firm itself and the individual registered investment advisors (the actual people).  You can find our ADV on the SEC website or below.

Customer Relationship Summary (FORM CRS) 
CRS Updates from the last filing
Form ADV Part 2A 
Form ADV Part 2 B