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What our clients have to say


"The Carbon Collective team was highly professional and knowledgeable. They helped us to launch DroneSeed’s first-ever retirement savings plan. Carbon Collective worked with all the proper parties involved with setting up a 401(k) plan to deliver exactly what we needed. We're excited to go into the second year of working with Carbon Collective, and to continue to achieve the mission together of mitigating the worst effects of climate change through investing!"

— Katherine Wong-Velasco, Mast Reforestation

"When implementing my company's new 401(k) plan, I expected to feel overwhelmed and confused. Instead, the team at Carbon Collective helped me to feel informed and organized throughout the process... I see them as leaders in the industry and I'm thankful for their partnership in this endeavor."

— Kelli Bagby, Truly Bookkeeping, Inc.

“Before starting Climate People I spent a considerable amount of time removing fossil fuels equities from my personal portfolio. After starting the company I knew I wanted to provide an environmentally positive retirement plan for my team and was frustrated with the options available. I was so excited to hear about Carbon Collective because they perfectly align with our mission and values."

— Brendan Andersen, Founder and CEO of Climate People


Why are you offering to do this for free?

This free assessment is driven by a commitment to simplify retirement planning for HR leaders and executive teams. It's an opportunity for you to better understand your plan's current state and explore ways to improve it. We find that many organizations value our approach, including our personal support, sustainable investment options, and financial education, and choose to partner with us for their retirement planning needs. This assessment is a straightforward, no-obligation way for us to show you the difference a great plan can make.

Who is this Plan Check-Up for?

Anyone in a leadership role at their organization who shares any level of responsibility for the retirement plan, or is interested in how the retirement plan can boost employee engagement and wellness. This Check-Up will be most useful for companies with plans that have over $1.5 million in assets, and over 100 employees. If that’s not your organization, feel free to still send us an email: 401k@carboncollective.co.

How often should I review my plan and get a check-up?

We recommend conducting a thorough review of your company’s retirement plan at least every two years or whenever there are significant changes to your company structure, employee needs, or regulatory requirements. Regular check-ups ensure that your plan remains competitive, compliant, and aligned with your company's financial goals and values. Our free plan check-up is an excellent starting point to assess your current strategy and identify opportunities.

How can this plan check-up help us save on fees?

Many companies are unaware of the hidden costs associated with their retirement plans. Our analysis will uncover any excessive fees you're currently paying and provide actionable recommendations to reduce these expenses, potentially saving your company thousands of dollars annually.

What if we already have a solid 401(k)/403(b) plan provider?

Even if you're already working with a provider, our check-up can offer valuable insights into how your current plan is performing. We can identify areas for improvement, including cost savings, better investment options, and compliance strategies. This assessment is a risk-free way to ensure you're getting the best value and service.

Are there any obligations after the assessment?

Absolutely not. This free assessment is provided with no strings attached. Our goal is to deliver actionable insights and demonstrate the potential benefits of switching to a more sustainable, cost-effective plan. Any decision to change your plan or work with us further is entirely up to you.

What happens next? How does the free plan check-up work?

Getting started is simple. Just pick a time from the calendar above. You will answer with some basic information about your current plan. Breene Murphy, one of our retirement plan experts, will meet with you at that time to complete your plan check-up and share valuable insights about your plan.