What Are Climate Change Jobs?

Climate change jobs are jobs that center around fighting climate change. This can include working in renewable energy, sustainability, environmental law, and many other fields.

The demand for these jobs is increasing as the world becomes more aware of the dangers of climate change.

Why Is There a Demand for Professions That Fight Climate Change?

With no signs of slowing down, greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, trapping more and more heat and resulting in an ever-warming planet.

The years 2015 to 2019 were set to be the warmest five-year period on record, according to reports from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

We are already seeing the effects of climate change with more extreme weather events, such as hurricanes and typhoons.

The Paris Agreement was an important step in addressing climate change, but it will take all of us working together to make a real difference. That is why there is a growing demand for professionals who can help tackle climate change.

Why Pursue a Career That Combats Climate Change?

There are many reasons to pursue a career that combats climate change.

Some of the benefits include:


Rewarding and Important Work

If you are looking for a rewarding and important career, fighting climate change is a great option. With so much at stake, climate change professionals make a real difference in helping protect our planet.

Making a Difference

We need all hands on deck to fight climate change. Every profession, from scientists to engineers to community educators, is important in this effort.

Growing Job Market

Climate change is a global problem, and businesses and governments are starting to invest in professionals who can help them address it. The job market for these positions is growing quickly.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs related to the environment have been projected to grow 5% until 2031.

Competitive Pay

Many of these jobs come with competitive salaries and excellent benefits.

For example, environmental engineers are said to have a median annual wage of $87,620, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Challenging Field

Working on climate change means constantly learning new things and tackling new challenges. It can be exciting and rewarding to work in such a fast-paced field.

Best Climate Change Jobs

There are many great climate change jobs to choose from, depending on your skills and interests. Some of the best jobs include:


Investment Advisor

Increasing investment in climate solutions is one of the most important things we can do to address climate change.

The need for investment advisors who focus on ethical and sustainable investing is becoming more and more important as we face the challenges of climate change.

These investment advisors generally specialize in helping clients build portfolios that invest in companies advocating for environmental responsibility and are divested from fossil fuels.

Renewable Energy Installer

With the growth of renewable energy, there is a growing demand for installers.

Renewable energy installers are responsible for installing and maintaining solar panels, wind turbines, and other forms of renewable energy.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, solar photovoltaic installers, for example, have a median pay of $47,670 each year. This job typically does not require a college degree, and a vocational program will suffice.

Community Educator

Raising awareness about climate change and how we can address it is critical to the success of climate solutions.

Community educators work with individuals, businesses, and governments to educate them about climate change and what they can do to reduce their emissions.

They also work with local communities to provide education on climate change, sustainable living, and how to take action.

Sustainability Consultant

Many businesses are looking for sustainability consultants to help them reduce their environmental impact.

As a sustainability consultant, you would help a business understand its environmental footprint and find ways to reduce it. You may also be tasked to provide support for investors, clients, and other stakeholders in the area of sustainability and social responsibility.

Environmental Lawyer

As the world becomes more aware of the dangers of climate change, environmental law is becoming an increasingly important field.

Environmental lawyers work to protect our environment through the legal system. They help businesses and governments understand and follow environmental laws and represent clients in court proceedings related to environmental law.

Becoming an environmental lawyer requires a Juris Doctor degree and passing the state's bar examination.

Clean Car Engineer

Electric and hybrid cars used to be a futuristic dream, but with the advent of climate change, they are becoming a reality.

Clean car engineers are responsible for developing and manufacturing electric and hybrid cars. This is an important job because it helps reduce emissions from the transportation sector, which is one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions.

A degree in mechanical engineering or a related area of discipline is required for this job.


Climatologists are scientists who study the Earth's climate.

They collect data on weather patterns, atmospheric composition, and land surface features. This information is used to understand how climate change is affecting our planet and to develop strategies to address it.

Climatologists can work for a relevant government agency or research center and are typically required to obtain a bachelor's degree in atmospheric science or another related course.

Renewable Energy Scientist

As the need to detach from the use of fossil fuels becomes more apparent, the field of renewable energy is growing.

Renewable energy scientists are responsible for researching and developing new sources of renewable energy. This includes solar power, wind power, hydroelectricity, and geothermal energy.

These professionals work on discovering how to maximize the use of renewable energy to help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

A bachelor's degree or doctorate in engineering, physics, or a related area is necessary for this job.

Energy Auditor

An energy auditor is someone who evaluates the energy efficiency of a building or facility.

They identify ways the building can save energy and lower its carbon footprint.

This is an important job because it helps businesses and organizations become more environmentally responsible and save money.

Public Green Space Maintenance Professional

As the world becomes increasingly urban, the need for public green space increases.

Public green space maintenance professionals maintain these spaces. They may plant trees and flowers, maintain gardens, or oversee a park.

This is an important job because it helps create a sense of community and provides people with a breather, a place to relax, and a chance to connect with nature.

It also helps reduce the negative impacts of climate change by increasing the amount of green space in cities.

A degree in landscape architecture or a related field is an advantage for this job.

Climate Change Researcher

As the name suggests, climate change researchers study scientific data relative to climate change.

They are the key persons who help us understand the impacts of climate change and how it affects our planet. They collect data on the causes and effects of climate change and develop ways to mitigate or adapt to it.

Climate change researchers may work for a research institution, a university, or a government agency.

Climate change researchers typically have a graduate degree in atmospheric science, earth science, or a related field.

Organizations and Resources for Climate Change Jobs


Climatebase is the world's leading platform for climate change careers. The organization takes part in solving climate change by opening job opportunities that work on climate solutions from technology and innovation, to policy, advocacy, research, communication, media, and beyond.

Climatebase was mainly inspired by Project Drawdown's publication of the top 100 climate solutions; from there, Evan Hynes, co-founder of Climatebase, thought of opening opportunities for people to work on the identified solutions.

From a plan to the world's first climate career fair and the Climatebase website, the organization has been a help to countless individuals driven to use their craft as a force for climate action.


The ultimate mission of the organization is to get 100 million people to work on climate change solutions by 2030.

They work on this mission by selecting a cohort of learners with exceptional backgrounds in their field and a deep desire to take part in the fight against climate change.

Terra.do then provides these learners with the most current, cutting-edge resources and training in climate solutions that will equip them with the skills they need to take on a climate change career or start their own climate change solution business.

Final Thoughts

A myriad of solutions to take part in the fight against climate change are out there. These range from little household energy efficiency efforts to advocating for climate change policy to choosing a profession that combats climate change.

The most important thing is for each of us to find the climate solution we are passionate about and work to implement it.

Anyone can advocate for climate at their job, regardless of your title. And you can practice sustainable investing to invest in companies that are actually building climate solutions.

Get involved, help in any way you can, and join the movement to take on climate change.


1. How can an investor take part in the fight against climate change?

An investor can take many steps to invest in the fight against climate change. Some things an investor can do include investing in renewable energy, divesting from fossil fuels, and advocating for policy changes.

2. How can I find a job working on climate change?

Climatebase is a great resource for finding jobs working on climate change solutions. They have a searchable database of jobs from around the world and also provide resources to help with your job search. Terra.do is another great resource that provides training and resources to help you take on a career in climate change.

3. What degrees are necessary for a career in climate change?

While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, many climate change careers require a graduate degree in atmospheric science, earth science, or a related field.

4. What is the average salary for a climate change professional?

Salaries vary depending on the position and level of experience. In general, most positions offer a competitive salary and benefits package.

5. Can I work on climate change solutions without any formal training?

There are many ways to take part in the fight against climate change without having any formal training. Many online resources and organizations provide information and training on getting started. You can also reach out to your local community and find ways to get involved.

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