Billion Dollars

in total revenue in 2020


of Revenue

came from MasTec’s renewable energy infrastructure business


of Electrical Transmission

45% of MasTec’s electrical transmission business went toward enhancing the reliability of transmission lines

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The Path to Drawdown: Grid Expansion

A massive scaling of emissions-free energy sources is needed to solve climate change. And thankfully, renewable sources like solar and wind are quickly expanding their capacity worldwide. But to reliably provide renewable energy to every household and organization in the world, we need a power grid that’s much bigger and more flexible.

The power grid is the dynamic network of electricity generation, transmission, storage, and consumption that 85% of the world relies on. But its initial design for constant, centralized power production is not conducive to the intermittency of solar and wind power. For the world’s electricity supply to become completely renewable, the power grid needs to become more adaptable than it is today. Many technologies - constant renewables like geothermal and nuclear, utility-scale energy storage systems, batteries, and smart appliances - contribute to grid flexibility.

The power grid also needs to expand to support a renewable transition. Where the grid spans larger geographies and more electricity sources, it can even out the total output and variability of renewables. Electricity generated in Texas during the summer can then be used to power houses in snowy Chicago during the winter. To achieve this scale, the IEA estimates that, between 2020 and 2030, around 16 million km of distribution and transmission lines need to be built, an increase of 80% compared with the past decade.

What We Want to See Improve

Divest from Oil & Gas Segment

MasTec (p. 8) is one of the largest pipeline contractors in North America that constructs and maintains pipelines and processing facilities for the fossil fuel industry. In fact their oil & gas business segment accounts for over 28% of their total revenue. They also build pumping stations, compressor stations, and treatment facilities where oil and natural gas are conditioned before transporting to market. MasTech acquired (p. 63-64) two companies specializing in oil and gas pipelines, indicating that they have no intention of downsizing their oil & gas segment.

Disclose GHG Emissions

We are encouraged to see that some of MasTec’s operations are starting to report (p. 16) their GHG emissions to the Carbon Disclosure Project. But these figures are still not publicly available. We urge them to disclose both direct and indirect GHG emissions from all operations as soon as possible and include these metrics in a comprehensive sustainability report.

Set Absolute Emissions Reduction Targets

While we acknowledge MasTec’s steps (pp. 15-17) toward environmental sustainability, these efforts remain weak and unguided by precise targets. We urge them to set science-based targets for reducing absolute GHG emissions within a specified timeline so as to be in line with staying below 1.5°C of global warming. We further encourage MasTec to outline how they plan to achieve these targets - switching to renewable energy for their own operations, divest from their oil and gas business, electrifying their fleet, etc.

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Allocated Company Description



ABB offers EV charging, solar and modular substations, distribution automation to expand the power grid. A larger grid can integrate more renewables


Eaton Corporation plc (ETN)

Eaton offers electrical components, industrial components, power distribution for the electrical grid. Grid expansion is key for integrating renewables


Quanta Services, Inc. (PWR)

Quanta offers engineering, construction and repair of electric grid infrastructure. Expanding the power grid is necessary for integrating more renewables


MasTec, Inc. (MTZ)

MasTec builds the infrastructure that connects the US power generation to consumers. Expanding the grid is critical for integrating more renewables


WESCO International, Inc. (WCC)

WESCO helps the power grid expand and adapt to a growing integration of clean energy. A key Drawdown solution for a more resilient and green grid


Sunnova (NOVA)

Sunnova provides residential solar and energy storage systems in the United States. Both are critical for electrifying the energy system


SPX Corporation (SPXC)

SPC makes transformers and cooling equipment for power generation and transmission - expanding the grid helps to integrate more renewable energy


Willdan Group (WLDN)

Willdan helps utilities with new construction, improve efficiency, and demand response - all valuable in expanding and making the grid more resilient

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