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Why It Matters

We cannot solve climate change without 100% clean energy.

A key part of solving climate change is to "electrify everything" and transition our civilization from burning fossil fuels to power our cars, homes, buildings and businesses to using only electricity. And that electricity has to be generated without carbon emissions. Solar is already the cheapest form fo electricity. Wind isn't far behind. 

Of all of the clean energy sources, nuclear power is particularly powerful. Nuclear power has reduced carbon emissions by over 60 gigatons over the last five decades - equivalent to nearly 2 years' worth of global energy-related emissions. Today, nuclear generates about 11% of the world's electricity and contributes about 4.8% to the world's total energy supply.

Nuclear power plants work by splitting atomic nuclei and releasing the energy that binds the protons and neutrons together. The energy released by radioactivity is used to heat water, which in turn is used to power turbines. For the amount of power it generates, nuclear is clean. The greenhouse gas emissions from nuclear power generation is estimated to be up to a hundred times fewer than coal. 

We need more nuclear.

We acknowledge the debate surrounding nuclear energy in getting to a decarbonized world. Nuclear power plants have traditionally been very expensive to build, and their cost has increased over time. They take years to build. And of course, given salient disasters at Chernobyl and Fukushima, as well as the question of nuclear waste, many people are worried about their safety.  

But we are bullish about nuclear. With advanced nuclear reactors on the rise, which have standardized designs that reduce construction time, achieve longer operating times, incorporate inherent safety features, has greater fuel efficiency, and generates less waste, we think nuclear should play an important part in the future energy mix. 

Time is running out.

The nuclear energy and uranium stocks below represent some of the largest companies in the space. While we need many new upstarts to come and disrupt with new, better technologies (don't worry, we'll add them as they come along), we need the existing players to scale as rapidly as possible. Time is running out and the race to 100% clean electricity needs to recruit all of the clean energy sources we can get.

In the Climate Index, we take all of the companies that offer products and services that help nuclear power expand. Then we take out the ones that derive a greater share of revenue from fossil fuel-dependent business than from nuclear. And as always, we exclude penny stocks whose share prices were lower than $0.50 in our last update. 

So the Climate Index includes the companies that are at the forefront of expanding nuclear power.

If you are a Carbon Collective member, you own all of these companies through the Climate Index.

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